Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find the FAQ about our Cash is King program.
New Profile or Changes to Profile

Your profile needs to be approved before your account becomes activated. You can check the status of your pending profile changes by going to the “Profile” section.

Who gets paid

Once the reservation is processed for payment the agent who registered the reservations is the one who gets the commission.

Requirements to process payment

In order for your claims to be process all agents/profile owners in Cash is king need to make sure that the identification form of the owner of the account is loaded into the Cash is King System. The name on the account/owner must be and need to match the name on the provided identification form. Valid Identification forms will be: Passports, Canadian Driver's license.

Requirements to Receive Payment

You must have registered your Cash Is King debit card in order to get paid the commission for your reservations.

How long does it take to get paid

Once the reservation is processed for payment you should receive your commission in 15 working days.

If you need to get your Cash Is King card

If you need to get your Cash is King Card, please contact your BDM:
Julie Golding
Business Development Manager, Quebec

Peter Tran
Business Development Manager, Western Canada

Diana Winters
Business Develpment Manager, Central Canada